Fotografie e filmati della Reunion 2021 


Genoa Genova

Bus ride up mountain from Chiavenna to Campodolcino

08/07/2021 Francoli Distillery

08/08/21 Bondeno to Avero

08/09/2021 Angeloga Helicopter ride and ilking

08/10/21 Train ride through Alps St.Moritz to Tirano

AUGUST 11 Wednesday:
Lake Como boat ride, Varenna, Ferry to & visit Bellagio & Como

AUGUST 12 Thursday:
Chiavenna: Cascate Acqua Fragia

AUGUST 13 Friday:
Special Day For the Children of the Val di Giust

AUGUST 14 Saturday:
Nufenen Switzerland Museum, Cardinello Hike & Festival

AUGUST 15: Sunday:
St. Guanella Mass, San Bernardo, Dino’s Crotto

AUGUST 16 Monday:
Cooking Class, Fraciscio & St. Guanella Museums etc.,

AUGUST 17 Tuesday:
Multi Country Day Trip (Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Lichtenstein Austria)

AUGUST 18 Wednesday:
Genova or Free Day


AUGUST 19 Madesimo:
Free Day (Packing)


AUGUST 20 Friday:
Free Day (Packing) & Goodbye party


Curvey Roads On Bus
Chiavenna > Campodolcino


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